Image follows mouse click position (PyGame)

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A variation of the previous bouncing ball code. This time the upper left corner of the image rectangle simply follows the position of each mouse click. Use an image you have, in my case I used a small red ball in a black background. A simple code to experiment with.

# experiments with module pygame, free from:
# move an image rectangle to follow the mouse click position (ulc)
# tested with Python25 and PyGame18     vegaseat     07aug2008

import pygame as pg

# initialize pygame

# use an image you have (.bmp  .jpg  .png  .gif)
image_file = "ball_r.gif"

# RGB color tuple for screen background
black = (0,0,0)

# screen width and height
sw = 640
sh = 480
# create a screen
screen = pg.display.set_mode((sw, sh))
# give the screen a title
pg.display.set_caption('image follows mouse click position')

# load an image
# convert() unifies the pixel format for faster blit
image = pg.image.load(image_file).convert()
# get the rectangle the image occupies
# rec(x, y, w, h)
start_rect = image.get_rect()
image_rect = start_rect

running = True
while running:
    event = pg.event.poll()
    keyinput = pg.key.get_pressed()
    # exit on corner 'x' click or escape key press
    if keyinput[pg.K_ESCAPE]:
        raise SystemExit
    elif event.type == pg.QUIT:
        running = False
    elif event.type == pg.MOUSEBUTTONDOWN:
        print event.pos, list(event.pos)  # test
        mouse_loc = "mouse click at (%d, %d)" % event.pos
        mouse_pos = list(event.pos)
        image_rect = start_rect.move(mouse_pos)
        print image_rect  # test
        print "corner coordinates --> (%d, %d, %d, %d)" % \
            (image_rect.left,, image_rect.right,

    # this erases the old sreen with black
    # put the image on the screen
    screen.blit(image, image_rect)
    # update screen
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