reverse queue

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I am given the class definition of stack and queue classes where I have to write a templated function called reverseQueue(?) that takes a pointer to queue as a parameter and uses stack object to reverse the given queue. The function call to reverseQueue should reverse the data of the passed as a parameter.

template <class T>
struct NODE {
NODE<T> *pNext;
T Data;
template <class T>
class stack{
NODE<T> * top;
void push (T data); //pushes a new node with data
type T in a stack
bool pop (T &data); //pops out the top most node
from the stack
void printStack(); //prints all elements of a stack

template <class Type>
class queue {
NODE<T> * front;
NODE<T> * tail;
queue ();
bool dequeue ( Type & data); //removes first node
from a queue
bool enqueue (Type val); //appends a new node in
a queue