I have a problem in my programming ....kindly help me...how to implement this problem....

Make a Java application that will create and implement the following:

Global data:

static int[] num1 = new int[10];
static int[] num2 = new int[10];
static int[] num3 = new int[20];


//arrNo value is either 1 or 2
//if arrNo = 1 it means that you are referring to num1
//if arrNo = 2 it means that you are referring to num 2

//this method manually adds n number of elements to the array number specified as an argument
public static void addElements(int arrNo, int n);

//this method checks if the array number specified is full or not
//it returns true if it is full, false otherwise
public static boolean isFull(int arrNo);

//this method checks if a certain element is found in an array
//it returns true if it is found, false otherwise
public static boolean isAnElement(int arrNo, int element);

//this method deletes an element in the array
public static void delete(int arrNo, int element);

//this method displays the contents in the array
public static void display(int arrNo);

//this method sorts the elements in ascending order
//using bubble sort algorithm
public static void sort(int arrNo);

//this method merges two different arrays into one
public static void merge();

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And what have you got so far, and what part of it, exactly, are you having problems with. No one here is simply going to do it for you. We will give you hints and nudges in the right direction, but you are going to be the one to have to do it.

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