Hey people. What I'm trying to do is get a String input from the user. And then displaying that string. I have no idea how to do it. I have most of the code figured out except that one part. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! (By the way I'm just learning Assembly Language. I'm more used to Java)

TITLE Echo			(echo.asm)

INCLUDE Irvine32.inc
	str1 BYTE "Please enter a name: ",0
	buffer BYTE 80 DUP(0)
main PROC

	mov	edx, OFFSET str1
	call WriteString
	mov eax, OFFSET buffer
	mov ebx, SIZEOF buffer
	call ReadString

	exit		; exit to operating system
main ENDP

END main

I changed the name because ECHO is a dos command.

; anEcho : Compiled with A86 (http://eji.com/a86/)
; This program shows how to get user input with echo.
	mov ah, 09h
	mov dx, askName;
	int 21h			; Ask for user name
	mov cx, 0ah
	mov si, userName		; Place to store the user name
	mov ah, 01h
	int 21h			; Get input with echo
	cmp al, 0dh		; 
	je printQuit		; Quit if Carriage-return
	mov [si], al		; Put entered char in user name
	inc si			; move the position
	loop getName;		; Keep going (looping)
	mov ah, 09h
	mov dx, b4userName;
	int 21h			; Print the finished user name
	int 20h			; *** DROP TO DOS ***
askName:	db 'Enter your name (up to 10 chars) and press enter: $'
b4UserName:	db 0dh, 0ah
userName:	db '$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'

Which assembler are you using?

How to make the display of the username all CAPITAL LETTERs?
How to count and display how many letters are present?

hi, in reference to the query of Jreynolds3 on Mar 25th, 2010, what about if the assembler is tasm? please respond. thank you! vanessa.