Can anyone please help me in making a program that runs like a boot loader in assembly language. Here is what I am trying to do-
I have three program files
I want to start the bootloader program such that when it starts up,it gives me an option to select and run the three files on startup. These files will then perform their individual functions which are already working.
Please let me know if you need any more clarifications any help/code will be really appreciated.

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we are supposed to write a live operating system which is burnt on a CD and can booted on a
computer. This OS should consist of a command-line with these capabilities :
1 – Exploring files and folders which have been burnt on its CD with the minimum commands :
1.1 - “pwd” : printing current directory address.
1.2 - “ls” : printing a list of all files and folders in the current directory.
1.3 - “cd” : changing the current directory to the given one.
1.4 - “cat” : printing contexts of a simple text file.
i do not know how should we start...

Have look on above mentioned links and start cracking case.
Once you get specific questions you are more then welcome to post.

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