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I made this program during forum discussion for accessing configuration relative to module directory, not main program's position (which can be accessed by sys.argv[0]'s directoryname).

As the thread is closed I post my proves as code snippet.

## file one:, main program in your working directory
# this code must run directly, not inside IDLE to get right directory name
import os, mytest
print '-'*10,'program','-'*10
print 'Program in',curdir
print 'Module is in', mytest.curdir
print 'Config contents in module directory:\n',mytest.config()
input('Push Enter')

## file two:, module somewhere in PATH or PYTHONPATH
import os
curdir= os.path.dirname(__file__)

print "Test module directory is "+curdir

## function, not call to function
""" Example output:
Test module directory is D:\Python Projects
---------- program ----------
Program in D:\test
Module is in D:\Python Projects
Config contents in module directory:

Push Enter

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