We all know that the sum() function in python only takes two arguements, so i created a function in python that will take any number of arguements and add them together, just like the sigma letter in greek.
Awaiting your replies on this one.

"""-----------------ADEGOKE OBASA-----------------"""
"""--This functions adds all the values inputed---"""
def sumall(*args):
    """This function takes max arguements
        and sums all the arguements"""
    while n!=leng:
    return temp

def sumall(*items):
    return sum(sum(item) if item.hasattr('__iter__') else item for item in items)

To do deep sum.

Unfortunately unable to test in my mobile.

sum((10, 29, 59))
# or define
def sumall(*seq): return sum(seq)

Maybe simpler to do what you did.

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I'm sorry but I don't yet really understand classes and objects yet, that's why I'm taking it slowly, and make sure I understand the basics before i dive into the classes, but will definitely give it a try as soon as i understand classes and objects.
Thanks, a lot tonyjv

WoW, now that's what i'm saying, never knew it could be this easy, i guess when you are just starting you always want to believe things have to be complex and long.
Well you've thought me something else, as a programmer you have to think not just of a way to solve the problem, but of a way to solve it as fast as possible.
Thanks again.

As somebody said ones one quote on Gribouillis' code something like "Beauty is not how complex thing is but when nothing can be any more taken out."