Hello, this is more of a general question, but how much VB6 or under do you all run into out there in the real world? I'm guessing quite a lot since .NET has a monstrous learning curve. Myself, I still support VB6 on the job and I've needed to keep my VB6 skills up more than my .NET skills (which has made it hard to learn .NET).

But of course there's still far more COBOL than anything else. :cheesy:

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There is a lot of VB6 out there especially.
But those who work in VB.net will vouch that there are a lot of needed features in this new version of VB

Do you mean that VB.NET needs to add features from VB6? If so, which ones in general?

Hi everyone,

Sadly to say VB6 is dead. Microsoft killed it but the core basic language is still around. Some good basic compilers are Rapid-Q by William Yu

Here is a complete list of them and their downloads


Myself i used to code a lot of VB6 but now that compiler is now defunct so the best next thing you could do is switch to another basic compiler which is open-source. Nowadays i code mainly in C/C++ and Java and some assembly.

ps: I do not hate Microsoft

Richard West

Just because microsoft abandon any and all help for it, does NOT mean that it's dead. Let's face it, there are still tons of corporations and businesses that use VB6 in order to build applications for themselves and for contract companies. Don't be fooled, VB6, while abandoned by it's creators, is still a fairly large beast....

what i meant was that microsoft has added a lot of features in VB .net that was not there in VB6.

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