A Function To Find Strings Between A Given Word/String

For example :
let's say you have following Text:

Title Author Product*
~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
"Aurora's Eggs" Douglas Niles Story (Dragons 2)

The Dragons Douglas Niles Novel

The Kinslayer Wars Douglas Niles Novel

The Qualinesti Paul B. Thompson Novel
& Tonya C. Cook

Vinas Solamnus J. Robert King Novel

The Dargonesti Paul B. Thompson Novel
& Tonya C. Cook

"Storytellers" Nick O'Donohoe Story (Dragons 2)

"The Best" Margaret Weis Story (Dragons 1)

"Quarry" Adam Lesh Story (Dragons 2)

"Easy Pickings" Douglas Niles Story (Dragons 1)

The Legend of Huma Richard A. Knaak Novel

And I want to find Everthing that is in between " character.

The Answer should be like Following

Aurora's Eggs


The Best


Easy Pickings

Check here for Better Understanding: [snipped]

Edited by Ezzaral: Snipped link.

public static List<string> FindStringBetween(string strData,string strFindWhat)
          List<string> lstFound = new List<string>();
          int startIndex, EndIndex;
          startIndex = strData.IndexOf(strFindWhat);
          EndIndex = strData.IndexOf(strFindWhat, startIndex + strFindWhat.Length);
          if (EndIndex > 0)
              lstFound.Add(strData.Substring(startIndex+strFindWhat.Length ,EndIndex - startIndex-strFindWhat.Length )); 
          while (EndIndex > 0)
              startIndex = strData.IndexOf(strFindWhat, EndIndex + 1);
              if (startIndex  == -1) {
                  return lstFound; }
                  EndIndex = strData.IndexOf(strFindWhat, startIndex + 1);
              if (EndIndex > 0)
                  lstFound.Add(strData.Substring(startIndex + strFindWhat.Length, EndIndex - startIndex - strFindWhat.Length)); 
          return lstFound;
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