Brute forcing / Word list attack vector

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There isn't a whole lot here about security related stuff, so I figured I would post some work in progress. It is pretty well commented so following it should be pretty simple.

The full story and reasons for doing what I did, and not another way can be found on my blog. There is also a video going more in-depth or the art of password cracking by PureHate at the hack3rcon we had last year. His method is WAY more effective sine it uses the might cores of the GPU's instead of my crappy dual core....

Anyway, revisions, comments, questions are all welcome.

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import itertools, sys

def combList(charString, maxLength):
    """Genorate inital word list. This is just diff combinations"""
    #var to keepmtrack of how many times we've been through the loop
    times = 0
    #list to hold combinations
    poss = []
    for iteration in range(maxLength):
        #Use try statment to make sure the max length isn't longer
        #than the characters we're going to use
            #Iter genorator for combos
            comb = itertools.combinations(charString,times+1)
        except ValueError:
            print "Character string larger than max lenght\nplease try again"

        #Genorator gives tuple with seporated values ex: ('w','o','r','d')
        for word in comb:
            #join tupe as string and add to list
            s = ''.join(word)
        times += 1

    return poss

def permList(combinations):
    """Genorates permutations of the genorated combonation list"""
    #going to write ultimate list to a file
    #if not, you can run into virtual memory errors if the list gets above 4Gb
    f = open("wordlist.txt","w")
    #var to hold how many words we have
    x = 0
    for word in combinations:
        #loop through combonations and genorate a list of all
        #possable ways to combine letters
        permutation = itertools.permutations(word)
        for permWord in permutation:
            x += 1
        #del used permutation to free up some memory
        #not so much needed, but this script will rape memory if
		#appending to a list insteady of writing to a file
        del permutation
    #always close file handles
    return x

def main():
    """Main program, gets user info and computes the lists"""
    ch = raw_input("characters to try: ")
    num = input("max length: ")
    combo = combList(ch,num)
    print "list genorated"
    print "doing wordlist now"
    permTotal = permList(combo)
    f = open("wordlist.txt","r")
    print "working..."
    for i in range(permTotal+1):
        word = f.readline().strip()
        #This is where you would be doing the actule brute forcing
        #you could try and log into a website or crack a password protected
        #zip file, genorate md5's and crack a password dump
        #if linux, brute force WPA wifi with iwconfig
        #and any thing else you might need for a password
        print word
    print "done\n"
#30 min, 15gb, not done
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For calculating the amount of results see:

import itertools

def generate():
    """Main program, gets user info and generates alternatives"""
    ch = sorted(set(raw_input("characters to try: ")))
    num = int(raw_input("max length: "))
    # skip trivial 1..3 letter words
    for base in itertools.chain(itertools.product(ch, repeat=n) for n in range(4, num+1)):
        for w in base:
            print ''.join(w)
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