Function from method: increment and decrement without function definition


You can fix one parameter of function call by calling underlying method of fixed parameter instead of using functools.partial or lambda statement.

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inc = (1).__add__
sub = (-1).__radd__
vegaseat 1,735 DaniWeb's Hypocrite Team Colleague

Actually, nothing beats the convenience of C language n++ and n--
The eggheads of Python have discussed this, but have not acted.

paddy3118 11 Light Poster

... The argument about n++ and n-- is that there is also --n and ++n and that C allows assigning as well as auto increment/decrement in one statement, which is both error prone and hard to maintain.

Overall, I'm happy with the decision to leave it out of Python. writing x += 1 and not having to read and debug some horrible x, y = ++y, x++ or whatever is fine.

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