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@Niloofar24 was looking for an Iranian datetime package and last night I found one in the internet so I wrote a simple code which counts the days and hours and seconds to Iranian new year

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interested in python programming

this program is using the khayyam package .I think @Niloofar24 was looking for this
to install just type
sudo pip install khayyam
and if you have two different versions of python on your system :
sudo apt-get install python3-pip
sudo pip3 install khayyam

import khayyam as kh
today_now =
print("today's date and time is :",today_now.strftime("%y-%m-%d, %H-%M-%S"))
new_year = kh.JalaliDatetime(1394,1,1,2,15,11)  #which is a saturday
time_left = new_year-today_now

day_hour_minute = str(time_left).split(':')

print( day_hour_minute[0] ,'hours and ',day_hour_minute[1], 'minutes and ', day_hour_minute[2],'seconds left to Iranian new year')
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I forgot to mention that if you go to you will see a nice count down timer to new year

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