Hello to everyone :) I'm new here :)

I have some problems with MIPS,

I would like to aks for help or advise, how to copy/move content of the normal register of CPU unit (register like $t0,$t1 and so on) to FPU cooprocesor (register $fp0,$fp1)

I have in register $t0 and $t1 the floating point number representation and a want to print this number on the screen, but i can not use print_double because this syscall uses the floating point registers $f12 and $f13 and i do not now how to move the content between CPU registers and FPU register.

move and logical operators do not work

I ask for help :)
Thanks in advance :)

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Hello :)

Thank you very much for your answer. The solution which you gave was for converting, but i wanted only to move the content of the CPU register to FPU register, but anyway, This document which you attach, was helpfull :) thanks :)


For others reading here:

If you know that your register is bit-formatted correctly for the coprocessor, use the mfc1 and mtc1 instructions. They are also in that link.

Glad to be of help.


Exactly, but i have based on document named HP_AppA.pdf which can be found in google, and there is written wrong order of register. Anyway above istructions properly used work :)

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