I decided I'm going to try to make a small game, now I need help though since ussally I use Ruby and Python not C++. The help I need is in find an server / client libary (sorry for my sentences beeing so choppy dunno why today) If someone could please link to a libary I can download tell me where I put it (if not exe) and then if there isn't a tutorial if someone could show me how to use it. If there is a script that uses it I can understand it.

Well you probally got what I meant now what I said so

There is a free one at www.DataReel.com, has been ported to both *nix and MS-Windows, and has scripts to compile with most popular compilers under both operating systems. Also contains a lot of examples.

There are probably a lot of other free libraries too but that is the only one I've actually used (and no, I didn't write it).

Okay now see the problem I'm having now is how the heck to I install it? I'm looking at the readme now and it says to run 'make this.that'. My problem is my CPU just fried so I don't have the make stuff installed and, honestly, I don't even think I did use it before. I'm so use to just downloading an exe that does everything. So what do I need to get to do the make files? P.S. I'm 14 so this isn't homewok :P and is the technical board something else or just one of the boards here? :/ sorry for being so lame :(

What version did you download? Windows or *nix? If you downloaded Windows version use WinZip to decompress the library and WinZip will create all the necessary directories. If you downloaded the *nix version then I think you use tar command to decompress it. For more information you need to read the documentation here. If you indend to use these types of libraries then you might as well get used to doing a lot of reading and studying. It ain't as easy as executing a install.exe program. You have to learn to think about what you are doing.

Exactly how to do this depends on the compiler yoj are using. What compiler do you have installed on your computer and what operating system?