I am currently working on serial port communication for win32 using C++.
I want to know by how many ways the hardware handshaking is possible.
I only know three ways 1) None 2) Software, 3) Hardware. Is there any other type or sub type of flow controll is available?

Those would be the ones I would have thought of as well.

Thanks for the reply. I also required some more information. I am contineously checking for an event by using WaitCommEvent() and when there is an RECV_CHAR event then i am reading a file successfully and getting the data.

But in case of other events like CTS/RTS is there any need to do something for handling the event? or the DCB settings will take care of that.....

Hi salem

Thanks for the reply.. but I am doing the same thing. After getting an EV_RXCHAR event i am calling my readFile() which reads the data received on a communication port. But in case of other events is there any need to do anything to handle that event....... or the DCB structure which is already configured for comport will take care of that.

I don't think you need to do anything with it in order to make it work. AFAIK, they're just available in case you want to draw on screen some flashing LEDs which mimic the link status.

Or are you saying because you've tried something and it isn't working?