I have set-up a deployment project to install C# application. Everything works fine, except I have to go add-remove programs to uninstall the program. How can I add an uninstall for the application.

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It exists by default there, and you can change the icon displayed in Add\Remove programs

I don't want to use the add/remove program to uninstall; but rather be able to handle the uninstall by adding an option in the start menu of the program? How do I do that?

hello i too need the help abut how to uninstall without using add/remove programs..if any known abut this answer please tell ASAP..

Thank u

When you trying installing your already installed application, it confirms if you need to uninstall it or not!

You can use a batch file to uninstall the application using Msiexec.

But tell me actually how to do it. Thanks in advance

I think what he means is he wants to add an 'uninstaller' to the project, rss is correct, you can use a batch file.
Check out this tutorial to see how.

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