Hi Friend's...

I can't make this program...Plz help me to make this program..

Make a Driver class TUNES.In this class Creates a CD Collection Object and adds some CD's to it Prints reports on the status of the collection.and then make a class CDCollection
and write a constructor that creates an innitially empty collection and then add the following signature that doubles the size of the collection by creating a larger array and copying the existing collection into it.and then write a method that add a CD to the collection,increasing the size of the collection if necessary.Overload addCD() method so that it recieves an object Compect Disk as an Argument and adds it in the collection increasing the size of the collection if necessary.and then add the following toString method that returns a report describing the CDCollection.

Plz Help me to make this program...

Please refer to the announcements at the top of the forum. Homework help is only given to those who show effort.

Come back with some code indicating effort and specific questions regarding what you are having trouble with and perhaps someone can help you.

What is this word "plz" that your are using. I am pretty sure that is not a word in English dictionary. I also assume your ability to read is limited seeing as, like Ezzaral pointed out, you did not read the announcement at the top of the forum. You have assumed we are people with nothing else to do and will help you cheat. People will be delighted to help you if you just put some effort in.