Hi all!

I've started a little late doing my final year university project, but I know what I want to do so it's probably better than a few of the other students out there!

I do enjoy reading and studying about the wide variety of topics that are encompassed by network and computer security. I want to develop an Intrusion Detection System, possibly making it platform independent into a network intrusion detection system (NIDS). I've been doing quite a bit of research and there are a wide selection of functions I could include and could not include. Anyhow, I've come here to ask assistance in actually planning the programming or how to go about it and suggestions on which functions I should or shouldn't include. By the way, the primary aim for this final year project is to develop a IDS of some sort and display it functioning, possibly it to have some configurable characteristics, maybe using some sort of penetration testing tool or developing one myself along with the IDS to test it working.

In doing all of this I also hope to gain a greater insight into network and computer security...
All suggestions and ideas are welcome anything to point me in the right direction is much appreciated!

Kind Thanks

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although i cannot help you with what you want, maybe you would get more help if you made this post in a more security oriented forum {i can't suggest one, but there must be alot of them}...

I can’t say if you can design anything platform independent here. You have to call core APIs that too of kernel level. May be you want something like filter driver.

Intrusion are 99% not platform independent in fact they are very very platform dependent, solution has to be platform dependent.

Unfortunate I can’t help you with Linux(bcoz I don’t know much about internals of Linux), however if you target Windows there are tons of resources on MSDN website.

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