hey guys, I was wondering if interrupts works with wireless-USB keyboards, I wrote a code thats reads a key and displays it, but its not working, I thought i'd check whether the keyboards is causing the problem or not.

mov ah,06H
       mov dl,0ffh
       INT 21h
       mov ah,06h
       mov DL,AL
       int 21h

*I'm using MASM615, the code compiles successfully but shows an error when i run it.

> but shows an error when i run it.
Thanks for narrowing it down for us :icon_rolleyes:
Now, how about telling us something concrete and specific (say a copy/paste of your console screen) rather than something vacuous like "an error".

Have you considered the possibility that DOS was dead before USB and wireless keyboards were invented, and therefore completely oblivious to such devices?

it shows the windows error (the one that asks if you want to send an error report or not) i can post the error generated by windows if that would help?

INT 21h are DOS interrupts not ment to be used in Windows.