Hi guys hope you fine
I have a request and question, for my request I would like from you to recommend me
which books and tutorials that I may follow help me to understand how to read and write files in java I really need to know that. and for my question is how to make a float random ends with five or zero only. For example 0.25 , 0.30 , 0.35 , 0.40 , 0.45 ,0.50 , 0.55 , and so on till number one. I don't need a float numbet appears to me such as 0.23 , 0.14 , 0.78 , 0.99 , 0.61 , 0.12 , etc ... so how it's done that

my regard

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how about you just store it as an integer which when divided by 20 yields your number?

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hi reading from file is not hard. <<Thinking java>> may give you some help.

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I would do it as such. Assuming you want the floating number to be displayed to only 2dp.

  • I would first, generate an integer between 1-9, then divide it by 10.
  • Then I would have a second random function that generates either 0.05 or 0.0
  • I would then add the two together.

So for example:-

7 / 10 = 0.7
0.7 + 0.05 = 0.75

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