Hello !

I am using Turbo C++ compiler and I am trying to implement Dictionary using arrays. All my menu options work perfectly but finally when I give exit option the program comes out of Turbo C++ and gives a window saying
"The program tried to execute an invalid instruction "
"Fault Location : 6172 : 74E6"
and the MS-DOS window closes.

Can you help me trouble shoot this problem ?

Sandra John

It looks like you used to 'break' but now just return 1. I take it that the break failed as well?

I'd look more closely at the dictionary destructor. It sure looks simple, but maybe something there has gone astray.

There's no return from main, and main doesn't have the argv[], argc parameters; is that ok in turbo C?

Doesn't turbo C have a debugger you could set a breakpoint at the case for 6 and step line by line (step IN) to see where it fails?