I am using BCB6 so I hope this is the right forum. I am using asyncpro's TApdComPort component for serial communication. I need to send 12 bytes and receive 22. I can send the 12 bytes using putblock(..). But I can't figure out how to reeceive my data.

Also, I would like to sync the receive and send so that I send only when I receive. I guess I can figure that out if I know how to receive.

Please help.

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Documentation is not written by the developers for fun you know. Unless you are using fairly well known, well established APIs like the Windows API, the chances that someone who has used the library that you are using reads this post is fairly low. So when you are using a third party library, remember that there is no better help than the documentation provided with it.

In this particular case, you can use functions like GetBlock or GetChar to receive data from the buffer.

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Thanks for the help. I think this will probably solve my problem. But I am still a little confused about some of the stuff. There is also a trigger event that is available and is recommended. Do you know what does this even does?

A trigger event is something that you can use to get a notification from the library when a particular even occurs. For example, you can get a notification when new data has arrived in the buffer by using the trigger event for data reception.

Read Triggers and trigger handles under Chapter 2 of the reference guide.

Thanks Wolf.

That worked. Appreciate your help.


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