What would be a good book for C++ starters?
I'm just new to this particular language, not to programming itself. Any idea of what to start with to make almost an expert (part of it is a joke :). At this point only the depth of knowledge and time, time (meaning days) matters. I am certain most of you, people like Ancient Dragon, Narue, etc can give me their expertise on this subject. Appreciate your help.

you can start by reading the Read Me threads that have lots of suggestions. One thread is even devoted to c++ books.

Learning is very easy, understanding is moderately easy, applying is quite difficult.

practice is also necessary...keep practicing small problems on the topic you have just read...it will give you better understanding...
simply reading from a book is not sufficient...

Thinking in C++ is available online, you can buy Stroustrup's book as well.

>What would be a good book for C++ starters?
In order of usefulness as you learn C++:

Accelerated C++ by Koenig and Moo will get you started (beginner).
The C++ Programming Language by Stroustrup will keep you going for quite a while (intermediate).
The C++ standard will blow you away with details (expert).

That's just for the language. For using C++, I could recommend dozens of books to enhance your depth of knowledge, but until you're comfortable with the language, you might not find them useful.

TC++PL is also floating around on pdf, but you didn't hear it from me..

>TC++PL is also floating around on pdf
Not legally, so let's just avoid that topic altogether.

I would suggest you to get 2 books: learning book and reference book. Reference book is using for checking quick syntax, and learning book is using for learning purpose, sometimes can be act like reference book.