Hi im new to this board. Im beginning a new Python prject, my last one was a html GUI which I built in Tkinter. This time im going to make a AIM bot. Any idea on where to start with a project such as this. All help is appreciated! Thanks

Care to elaborate a little more on what your AIM bot should accomplish?

I just want it to be able to talk to other users. If someone says "hi", I want to say high back.

Hi rysin,

Unless there's a high-level python module that takes care of chat-type stuff for you (and if there is, I don't know about it), you're going to have to learn how to use client and server sockets to send data from one computer to another. An example is given here - scroll down until you see "chat server" with an attached example program file.

There are several good socket programming tutorials available for C/C++ (I learned to use sockets with those languages) but I haven't read any of the ones for python. However, I googled around and found two which might be helpful to you. This one looks pretty thorough, and this one may be a little simpler and easier to follow.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the help! Im going to begin reading those documents now. If I have a question I shall post it.

I need a little help understanding how im going to do this. How am I gonna get the information that a user sends to the bot to the server program and how am I gonna get the info I wanna send to the user to them?

AIM doesn't just allow random clients to connect to their servers. You need a authorization number that is sent to the server in order to validate the client. Once you are authorizid you can send messages. You need to download their sdk at aim.com which contains that number. The problem is that it is meant for languages like java and c# and others. If the SDK uses dll's you could use ctypes
to call them. That would be the only way to use the authorization code and the chat protocol other than learning a whole nother language.
I hope this is making sense to whoever reads this.