I have an ipod touch, but no pc. I'm in a situation where I can't use a pc. Could some kind patron please add me on msn or google or yahoo, so I can chat with them 1 on 1 on meebo. I can code the hello world program, but not much else. I'm having trouble with variables. I think it's because of the ported python I'm running on the itouch. When I can, in a few years, I'll get a pc and start coding for real. I wish to become a computer programmer when I'm old enough, and I thought making programs and applications for my itouch is a good hands on way to start. (I'm only 15, but I catch on pretty quick) If anyone has the spare time and patience, please help. I can't really offer anything in return, except the satiafaction of helping an aspiring programmer learn the ropes. Please help!

Thanks, spinner357

use the #python channel at the irc server at saurik.com for ipod touch and the official #python channel