I am using a tool to connect to mobile phone to fire AT commends .
This tool has some ready adaptable .apy files which the user can modify and adapt to his needs.
The scripts in the tool are written in Python.
I am new to Python.

1. What is the difference between .py and .apy files , also the .pyd file?
2. I can see only the .apy files in this tool [there is no .pyfile] but the
ready script still works; How?
3. In the script, I see come functions like s.xxxx(), eut.t but I do not know
from where they come from.

Can someone help me.


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I couldn't find anything about .apy, but I did find the .pyd. Apparently, the .pyd is the same thing as a .dll file. If you know about programming, you could almost compare them to using an include statement in a program. When you compile a Python script (ie, to make a distributable binary), those .pyd files are created, most likely including functions you've imported from other .py files in one of your own programs, or the standard library.

If the functions you've seen aren't defined in the script itself, then it was probably imported from another Python file. All you'll have to do is read the import statements, and find which imported file had that function. I'm not incredibly good at Python yet, so there may be some way to use the Python interpreter itself to determine where that function came from. You might want to check www.python.org documentation, or ask one of their mailing lists, for more information about that.

Python is very much at home with Apple Computers. This could be a python file extension for Apple applications. Just my guess!

It looks liek customised version of python. You can add extra classes to it and have ur extension.

functions like s.xxxx(), eut.t means:

Your tool cud have been desinged such that an object is created when mobile is created to it. The obj is named 's'. Then by using this you can access ur mobile. eut is Equipment under test.

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