I'm using a ListView Control for the first time, and i'm facing this problem :

when i use the Details View of the ListView no item is shown but with the other
View types (LargeIcon, SmallIcon, ...) every think is ok !!!!

So can you tell me where is the problem.

Thanks a lot.

post is unclear......

exp in detail wat d problem is

let me know

I have a ListView Object :
When i try the change the style of the listview to the "listView.View = View.Details" no thing is shown on the ListView but with the other style (I mean listView.View = View.SmallIcons, or LargeIcons, ....) every thing is fine, the items are visible

so do you have an idea why with View.Details no thing is visible even the Collums Bar.

Did you add columns at all?
In Detail view you need to set header columns, like:


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