I created an object to create buttons in console applications. But somehow, the program doesn't do much when it's checking if the button is clicked. I got this code from the internet, I could give the original code if you want to study it. I have stripped it down to what I needed and modyfied it a bit. This is my object code:

using namespace std;

void color(int foreground,int background);
void cursor(int X,int Y);

class button
             button(int button_X,int button_Y,char* buttonMessage,int button_Xe);
             bool buttonClicked();
             void show();
              int buttonX;
              int buttonY;
              int buttonXe;
              char* message;
              int leng;

button::button(int button_X,int button_Y,char* buttonMessage,int button_Xe)
             buttonX = button_X;
             buttonXe = button_X + button_Xe + 1;
             buttonY = button_Y;
             message = buttonMessage;

void button::show()
             cout << " " << message << " ";


bool button::buttonClicked()
    HANDLE hIn;
    HANDLE hOut;
    DWORD EventCount;
    int LoopCount = 0;
    int KeyEvents = 0;
    DWORD NumRead;

    hIn = GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE);
    hOut = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);

        while (EventCount > 0)

//Stops here, maybe there is something wrong with InRec..

            if (InRec.EventType == MOUSE_EVENT)
                if (InRec.Event.MouseEvent.dwEventFlags == DOUBLE_CLICK)
                        int loop=1;
                        while (loop < buttonXe+1){
                        if (InRec.Event.MouseEvent.dwMousePosition.X==buttonX+loop && InRec.Event.MouseEvent.dwMousePosition.Y==buttonY) return true;
         return false;

The color() and cursor() functions change color and cursorposition. The headers are in another .h file.
In the cpp file, I made this loop to check the output of the buttonClicked() funtion.

#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
#include "object.h"

int main()
button myB(40,14,"BUTTON",6);
    cout << myB.buttonClicked() << endl;
    }goto label;
return 0;

This somehow returns nothing. Could someone take a closer look to the object funtion and tell me what's wrong?

Im using Dev-cpp, OS is windows Vista.

I've been testing some and I found out that the loop in int main() is only runned twice. This was the loop I used:

while (!myB.buttonClicked()){
cout << "loop ";

I tested some more and I think it's just inpossible to make a loop like this with an object... Please tell me if you know anything that could help me out.

someone please respond..:S

Ok...after much headaches, I finally did it.

in my main() function, there was a system("title hey"); what makes the title of the window "hey". This didn't go with my buttonclass.

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