hi,hello to anyone there can anyone help me to fix my problem about C#.Net conditional exercise.The problem is write a problem that asks the user for the hours worked for the week and hourly rate.The basic salary is computed as: Salary=hours worked*hourly rate
bonus are given:
No.of hours>45 Bonus of 500
No. of hours>40and<=45 Bonus of 250
No.of hours>35and<=40 Bonus of 150
display the basic salary,bonus,and total salary
the sample output:
Hours worked:10
Hourly rate:10
Basic salary:100
Total salary:100
what should i do,the bonus & hours worked are a double data type and other are a decimal data type.Please help me to fix this problem SOP.Thanks!!!

Show us your effort to help you, friend! your question is straightforward!
You just need to read about if else in C#.

Not sure what you are asking but I suspect you might be asking about rounding/converting issues.

If you are having a problem with the # of decimals try the following:
double dAmount = Math.Round(Amount,2,MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero);

Here, but do your own homework next time.

using System;

namespace BonusHours
	class MainClass
		public static void Main(string[] args)
			string hours;
			string rate;
			double hoursAsNum;
			double rateAsNum;
			double salaryAsNum;
			double bonusAsNum;
			double totalSalaryAsNum;
			Console.WriteLine("Number of Hours");
			hours = Console.ReadLine();
			Console.WriteLine("Hourly Rate");
			rate = Console.ReadLine();
			hoursAsNum = double.Parse(hours);
			rateAsNum = double.Parse(rate);
			if(hoursAsNum > 45)
				bonusAsNum = 500;
			else if(hoursAsNum > 40 && hoursAsNum <= 45)
				bonusAsNum = 250;
			else if(hoursAsNum > 35 && hoursAsNum <=40)
				bonusAsNum = 250;
				bonusAsNum = 0;
			salaryAsNum = hoursAsNum * rateAsNum;
			totalSalaryAsNum = salaryAsNum + bonusAsNum;
			Console.WriteLine("Hours worked: " + hoursAsNum);
			Console.WriteLine("Hourly rate: " + rateAsNum);
			Console.WriteLine("Basic salary: " + salaryAsNum);
			Console.WriteLine("Bonus: " + bonusAsNum);
			Console.WriteLine("Total salary: " + totalSalaryAsNum);