How to correct the output, because for the bold it follows every studentid.

Programming to coutn the examids

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <algorithm>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;

     struct student
     string studentid;
     vector <int> examcode;	

	 int main () 
	 int mycount;

     ifstream stream1 ("STA83STU.txt");

     cout << "While opening a file an error is encountered" << endl;
     cout << "File is successfully opened" << endl;
     vector <student> students;
     student aStudent;
     string tempStudentID;
     bool readEntireFile = false;     // set to true when reach end of file
     stream1 >> tempStudentID;    //  read in student id of first student
     while (!readEntireFile)
     aStudent.studentid = tempStudentID;  // new student
     int tempExamCode;
     aStudent.examcode.clear ();
     stream1 >> tempExamCode;    // read in first exam code for this student
     aStudent.examcode.push_back (tempExamCode);  // add this exam code to current student's vector of exam codes
     bool newStudent = false;   // true when a new student id is encountered
     while (!newStudent && !readEntireFile)  
     if (stream1 >> tempStudentID)   // successfully read in student id
     if (tempStudentID.compare (aStudent.studentid) == 0)  // student id is same as before
     stream1 >> tempExamCode;   // read in exam code
     aStudent.examcode.push_back (tempExamCode); // add this exam code to this student;s vector of exam codes
     newStudent = true;   // student id is different from before.  Therefore new student.
     readEntireFile = true;  // end of file reached.  Want to exit inner and outer while loops
}   // if new student, do not repeat this while loop

     students.push_back (aStudent);   // no more exam codes for this student.  Add aStudent to students vector
     stream1.close ();  // We have read the entire file, so time to close it.
     for (int i = 0; i < students.size (); i++)
     cout << students.at (i).studentid << endl;   // output student id
     for (int j = 0; j < students.at (i).examcode.size (); j++)
     cout << students.at (i).examcode.at (j) << "\t";   // output list of exam codes for this student
     cout <<"\n"<<endl;   
counting elements in array
 [B]     int myints[] = {10,20,30,30,20,10,10,20};   // 8 elements
      mycount = (int) count (myints, myints+8, 10);
      cout << "10 appears " << mycount << " times.\n";[/B]/*-----------------------------
 counting elements in container

	  vector<int> myvector (myints, myints+8);
      mycount = (int) count (myvector.begin(), myvector.end(), 20);
      cout << "20 appears " << mycount  << " times.\n";

      return 0;
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How to correct the output, because for the bold it follows every studentid.

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