Hello, I'm new to these forums.

So I know how to program from I/O operations to making your own headers files and..

i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of beginner programming tutorials
for windows applications?

i want to implement the stuff i know to actual windows apps or GUIs.

thank you

Dj Saturn

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First DJ you should know that MS-Windows programming is not really for beginning programmers -- you should (must) have a good working knowledge of the entire C language, well most of it anyway. c++ is not required. No MS-Windows tutorial will teach you that. The tutorial that John posted is probably one of the best on the net and used by almost everyone that I know of. But it, like other tutorials, only give you a bare intorduction. If you want to be a searious MS-Windows programmer then you need to invest some $$$ in books, which you can find at your local book store or online at www.amazon.com. See the Read Me links at the top of this c++ board for additional book recommendations.

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