How do I make it show text?

I'm completely new to this, my dad's wanting me to make this customer display screen show text, which on paper should be easy..

It's a WD-202 model, pretty common customer display pole, I've called a friend for help and he told me to use the hyper terminal from Start>Program Files>Accessories>Communication, which works, but how do I send text from say, windows? So I can replicate the command in Delphi.

Should I use some Telnet component? Or is there a command that I can send directly to the com port to make it work? Cause using "Type blahblah>com1:" doesnt seem to be working. Cause my dad showed me to use "Type etc.txt>lpt1:' for printers, thought it'd work the same for the customer display, but it doesn't.

I've read the commands, like initialize being "ESC @" and clearing the screen being "CLR", but I have no idea where to enter those commands. using "type CLR>com1" ain't working. =<

Any help will be much appreciated.

Are you trying to do this from C++? or from Delphi? If Delphi you are on the wrong board and I'll move it to the correct board.