I want to copying a specific shortcut that is on my computer to multiple Computers on our network.

Source Shortcut

\\"SourceComp\c$\Documents and Settings\Source.User\Desktop\"Shortcut"


\\"CompName"\c$\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\"Shortcut"

So if I want to copy Source Shortcut to Destination, What will I need to use mainly? ( can I get a little help with the code structure? I'm extremely amature .

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


If you have a true network (not a workgroup) setup you can use a domian controller to do this. Assuming you have windows server 2000/2003/2008 you can add a logincript to the policy and have a vbscript (or PowerShell now) copy this to the machines.

That way, whenever anyone logs on to the network (new machine or not) they receive the file.

iF you dont' have a network server or if that's too complicated for you - you can use powershell or windows script host (WSH) via vbscript or jscript (go vbscript) to the desktops. Your user will need the appropriate newtork permissions to do so however...

or... you can use this option...


and use .NET to perform the code. THis requires the alintext script host to be intalled on your computer however...

I would actually go this route, although it is not the traditional route. It may be an easier path/codign experience that using old school WSH with VBScript. IMO.

Yeah, It's a Domain Network and yeah, I looked into trying to do this via "Group Policy Management" and I couldn't get it working right. I have used PowerShell a little bit. I'll look further into that. I am learning C# though and have done a few things with it - never anything that deals with moving files though.


File operations in C# are trivial and super easy to code!!!

I would totally recommend that option if this is a one-time type of thing.

Ya, GPO and login scripts have a sort of quirky/fussy setup. Back in the days of my sys-admin/developer/tech-support role I had to do this. It took some fussing around, but got it to eventually work. I found that maintaining a vbscript file to be a pain compared to writing .net code.

YOu can also use a .net exe to run at bootup/startup for computers on your domain... this can then handle adding icons and what not to your workstations. You could also technically build a MSI setup package that will do this as well.

There are many different ways to do this... again, .net (C#) is my preferred method. Post back if you have any specific questions about file operations in C#.

was there any pre made code or program that could do this i have very little experience with logon scripts and vbscript and the such so any help in that regard would be of help to me

Easiest way is to have a hidden share, and for the file to be copied as part of a login script