Hi Folks,

My requirement is like this :

How to get User Name using LDAP when my application URL hitted by user in intranet for example:

Suppose Application running on my system and any person in intranet hit the my application URL , now using LDAP i need to find out user name of the person who hit the URL, can any one help me out to do this , so i can continue my downstream process.


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this 'kind of' looks a lot like your other post asking about information on how to retreive a user login from the system. you are creating several threads asking for help, yet I still haven't seen much effort from your side.

how about posting some code, or enlighten us about the things you have allready tried, but didn't work


I have tried this using NTLM but its prompting other for user name and password for other users(because system name has dots included) when then hit my application URL. Briefly i want to develop a windows authentication in java.

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