i want to some suggestions regarding my project. my project is Networks Analyser. i am working on this project by using c programming on Linux OS.

i know that how to capture the coding of masseges by decryption algo. and i want to display this coding in the form of massege on display. But i don't know how the massege display?
i want to GUI of massege box....how can i do this...????

so plz give me ur valuable ideas and suggetions reganding this project. and if u provide the coding of this project in C lang. than it Best than Better.

if any problem regarding understandingnthe project than plz cantect me by mail. my mail Id: <email snipped>
and <email snipped>


I've moved this to the C programming forums, since this seems to be more of a programming-related question.

As for your question, you'll need to provide more information here. What GUI library do you intend to use? There isn't a 'generic' GUI library for Linux like there is for Windows; you can use anything from QT to GTK to just plain X. Oh, and plz stp tking l1ke ur 3 yrs old!

What is your network analyzer supposed to do, it just needs to decode the packet and display ? Coding GUI is little difficult in C, you need to ramp on how to use GTK as well.