Hi all ,

I'm new to Networking programming in JAVA .I want to send messages across hosts which are in the same Domain without using any Server program .
I'm not clear whether to use UDP or TCP .

Give me some ideas and links which are useful to accomplish this task.

Thanks in advance.

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If it is meant to be between multiple hosts simuteneously, then UDP to a multicast address over multicast enabled network interfaces.

Edit: If you need to be absolutely certain that every message is received, then TCP.


well, he's out of luck.
His requirements say he can't write a program to act as a server, which means he can't write anything that sends information to other systems either in a request/response or push paradigm :)


Thanks to masijade and jwenting for their replies . I might not stated the problem clearly. so
this is what I have to do:

When I send a message from one host to another it should appear as a popup in the destination host.In the sender program I will just say the hostname and the message that I want to display in that machine as a popup.

Thanks in advance


quite clear. And what you want to do is at the least annoying and may well be illegal.

So we're not going to help you with it.

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