Hello everyone I am knew to the site and new to programming. I am currently taking a C++ class. Everything in the text looks greek to me....Don't worry I am not going to ask how to do my hw.....Does anyone have any advise on the best way to learn and understand the material.



To best understand the material, you need to USE the material. Write some small programs, such as writing sentances on the screen. Then, do some simple math, adding 2 + 2 together. Then, work in input statements "input a: input b:" and add those together. Then, work on a loop to make the program repeat and repeat until youtell it to stop.

Then get into files, and reading in information.

Programming is not a spectator sport; you need to put code into the machine, and get it to do something. Do not be afraid of the errors you will make.... this is how we learn.

Write some code. Now. Enter it here. We can go from there.


Thank you! I have already started utilizing the site. Its great!
Thank you again

look this web site,it is a good tutoria for study C++.

or you can reading "Essential C++" .

Thank you ....I will keep practicing.

I was getting so fustrated with myself because I seem to be making nothing but errors. I blame myself for not understanding the text. I guess the old saying "practice makes perfect" still holds true!