pls can anyone give me an idee where to start

First you should get an IDE like SharpDevelop, or Visual C# express 2008.

U just need to install an IDE like Visual Studio .Net (any edition)will do as a start up.

later u can upgrade as according to ur needs...

Just in case u have already installed the IDE u Just need to go to the file new projects tab,

And make a project type selection.
And u can get started.

You should also start by getting a beginning book on C# programming.

Get visual studio 2008 express edition at for free (you will be charged by the connection client though) and do the tutorials on the application and you'll be coding in no time

try "head first c#" its a great book for beginners step by step. or try to make calculator.

Reading books is good but slow.

I am an absolute beginner too and after long time of searching for really good sources -
I found these videos that dramatically helped me to learn faster and more efectively.

Absolute Beginner’s Video Series

actually those videos are pretty good yonderboy I would recommend them too. However I do think there is an enormous amount of value in reading a good beginners book.

Once you download the IDE
click on file tab
select new project then a windoes pops up
then select what kind of application you want to make like windows application or console application.
lets start with windoes application, once you slect it name the application
then a form appears on the screen .
then starting playing with all the tools.,,,,,,

Hello All !!

Can please any body give me a good explanation on how to use Enums in C# ..

Thanks Alot


pls can anyone give me an idee where to start

soory friend az u can gues im new too so if u find anything please contact me at