hi everyone, am new here and it's nice seeing all the notes u all dropped off for newcomers like me.
please i urgently need help in java.
started java for a while, even wrote the certification but i did not make it
so i abondoned it for a while.
right now in school my lecturer wants us to write a software using java.
pls anyone who is interested in helping me out
and is a good programmer/developer should contact me through
my email address, <snippedd email>
thank you....

No one here is going to do your homework. And when your teacher tells you to write a software, he will probably give you some notes in class. If you attend the classes, pay attention to what you teacher says and study the notes you keep, you will not have any problem doing this assignment. Just post your code with your questions and many people here will help. But don't expect

good programmer/developer

(as you said) to help you they way you want to.

you could be a whole lot nicer when you are writing to people for the first time.
i did not ask anyone to write the entire software for me but to help me out. as it is i don't know where and how to start
and the reason i included my email address is so i could discuss it with any interested person and hopefully, he/she will put me tru as in tell me how and where to start.
besides if you know anything about african universities you wouldnt be sooooooooo rude as to tell me to listen in class.

Why use your e-mail to discuss this with other people? This is why this forum exists. You will get more responses using this forum, instead of having to answer every mail you get. It will be easier to get more replies to your questions.
And what did your teacher asked you to do and what don't you understand?

javaAddict is correct, you are the student and regardless of your perception of the shortcomings of your university it is still upon you to make the effort to learn. That does not mean asking someone to explain every step of how to do your homework.
Also, you need to read the Announcement at the top of this forum regarding homework help:http://www.daniweb.com/forums/announcement9-2.html and the forum rules about keeping such help on the forums: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/faq.php?faq=daniweb_policies (read the whole thing, because it also mentions not starting threads with titles like "I need help!!!!")

Post your code and your questions if you have them, otherwise you have some studying to do first.