Hi, I am working with a wx.Python ListCtrl attempting to edit data in the second column. Is there a way of detecting which column,row has been clicked?

thanks -- andrew

I have found in the demo package... an editable list Ctrl with by use of what is called a mixin. I am unfamiliar with mixins and am unable to find documentation. Is there a way to capture the event of a row,col (cell)?

thanks -- andrew

To my inexpert eye, it looks like you have to assign each item a different id number. Then, wx.EVT_LIST_ITEM_SELECTED will tell you which item is selected.

That's a non-expert opinion, BTW.


Thanks for the reply Jeff... I did some digging and found after using the method you provided,
in an earlier thread, such as...

print [x for x in dir(event)]

I found where event.Column and event.GetIndex() is passed to the user defined event handler function so cell cords can be easily achieved.

So seems to be solved.

Thanks -- Andrew