I've been trying different things all weekend trying to figure out what is going on here.

If I log in to my server via a PC and telnet, it comes through just fine. So I know it's my code here is messed up.

Here's my code

		mbstowcs(CHAT," ",strlen(" ")-1 );
		Edit_SetText(ctrlCHATLOG, CHAT);
		int receivedNumber = recv(lpSocket, szRecvBuffer, DEFAULT_BUFLEN-1, 0);
		if(receivedNumber ==-1)
		szRecvBuffer[receivedNumber-1] ='\0';
		mbstowcs(CHAT,szRecvBuffer,strlen(szRecvBuffer)-1 );
		Edit_SetText(ctrlCHATLOG, CHAT);

This is for a textbox on a Pocket PC app.

Lets say my first packet is
that will show up fine in my text box.

Then lets say my 2nd packet is

What shows up is "123defg"

I cant figure out why. I've tried multiple things.

>>mbstowcs(CHAT," ",strlen(" ")-1 );
That's the same as this: mbstowcs(CHAT," ",0); . In otherwords, it does nothing.

>>What shows up is "123defg"
You aren't clearing the CHAT beffer before copying the contents of szRecvBuffer. Zero it out first. The second problem is that you are subtracting 1 from the length of the szRecvBuffer which is truncating the last character.

memset(CHAT, 0, sizeof(CHAT));
mbstowcs(CHAT,szRecvBuffer,strlen(szRecvBuffer) );
Edit_SetText(ctrlCHATLOG, CHAT);

that was it. thanks sir. I assumed the terminated string that I was copying into the TCHAR would be sufficient. Easy fix though. thanks again. I owe you a beer ;)