I have downloaded some example source codes in C# for example "start.cs".. How can i execute it in VS2005? i opened it in C# IDE in VS2005 and i can't seem to run it.. Anyone who can help?

in the solution explorer make sure that the source code file that has the Main method in is set as startup project. Set this by right clicking that file then selecting 'set as starup'.

is the file you downloaded a solution file or just source code?

Its just a source code.. Sorry Im still new to this. Im trying to familiarize C# so that i could start making programs like what im doing in VB6.. Canu give point to good tutorials? what IDE will i use if i would be making database driven programs?

as for tutorials, I would recommend the 'head first c# sharp' book or google 'c# tutorials' there are millions out there lol good luck

i already have that here.. Just trying to find some good tutorials now to start the migration process.. :) This will take a lot of work..

its not as daunting as it seems, stick with it buddy!