I have a problem

I want to save the values in user controls(textboxes) to an XML file(If not to text file)
I want this to be done when client clicks on save data button

I want to read the values in XML file(If not to text file) to user controls(textboxes)
I want this to be done when client clicks on load data button

Can i do this with filedialog control(I checked but didnt find filedialog controls for webforms)?

Or is there any other options?

Please help
Thanks in advance


You should use "asp:FileUpload" control
in asp.net 2.0 or ordinary input control with type file in asp.net 1.x insted of filedialog control



use xmldocument object to load the xml file, then traverse into the the xmlnode and read the element value


I am not familiar with xml coding.
Can you provide me a small code to show how we can upload the xml file and read the file content to asp.net controls

thanks in advance

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