Hi All,

I am writing a little program that i should be able to get working i think!

basically i have this file full of content and i want to search it for a list of words. And add to a score variable each time i find a word

scorelist = [ "<tr>" , "</tr>" ]

for i in scorelist:
   for line in f:
      if i in line:
         print i 
         score = score + 1

i have <tr> and </tr> in the file five times each yet score is only ever five.
It never moves up the list to look for "</tr>"

What is it that im doing wrong??
sorry but im new to python!

Thanks.. from a stuck irishman!

Hello again,

i got the answer to this in the end.

basically when i was after reading the file with the first element of the list, the pointer reading the file was at the end of the file. So i have to go back to the start of the file when i have finished reading each term.

Thanks anyway, am sure ill need you all again!!

Thanks for the solution and attempting on your own.

Reverse the two for() statements so you only read the file once (and don't use i, l, or o as variable names. They look like numbers).

for line in f:
   for j in scorelist
      if j in line:
         print j
         score = score + 1
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