Okay. Basically I've been trying to reinstall Windows XP due to much spyware finding my computer as their beloved habitat, among other things that I just can't get rid of. I've been trying to install and it hasn't been working, this has been goin on for about 2 weeks, I've tried about 5/6 times.

Today I found web.mit.edu/ist/topics/security/reinstall-xp.html this website and VOILA! I follow these steps and get further in my installation then ever before.

Then, PROBLEM - refer to STEP #10 - 11

10Choose the third option and then press ENTER.
Result: The following message appears:

Please wait while Setup formats the partition

C: Partition1 [New (Raw)] #### MB ( ### MB free)

Note: This may take more than an hour, depending on the configuration of your computer and the size of the partition. Once the format is completed, the system will proceed to the remainder of the Windows XP installation process.

11In the installation process, you will need to select a password for the Administrator account. This needs to be different from any password used in the past. Do not leave the Administrator password or any other passwords blank. Review IS&T's Guidelines for Choosing a Password.

As it finishes processing the remainder of the Windows XP installation process (last sentence in STEP #10) It prompts me to restart. I'm confused because it's supposedly supposed to have me select a new password (STEP 11) and then I'm supposed to manually restart (STEP 12.)

I'm even more confused when my computer restarts and I see this:

Windows XP Installation screen - telling me that I've just finished 'Preparing Installation' and I'm beginning 'Installing Windows.'

I'm further subjected to a pop up saying this

The file 'asms' on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD is needed.

Type he path where the file is located, and then click OK.

I have NO idea what to do. Do I need this CD to continue?! I do not have it! I'm really confused because it would be so much simpler if I was just able to make an account THEN restart because the next steps in the installation involve me installing the Service Pack.

*cries* :confused:

Help would be appreciated as soon as possible.

Thanks muchly, I'm forever greatful, in advance. :(

It sounds like your not performing a fresh install but rather installing Windows XP over an existing Windows XP installation. If it IS a fresh install (meaning deleting old partition, creating new partition, formatting, then installing Windows) then it is most likely a cdrom communication issue.

When you get a "The file 'Asms' on Windows XP Professional CD-ROM is needed" message while installing Windows XP then it is having trouble communicating with your CDROM. Maybe a scratched disc, bad driver, cdrom failure, etc..

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