I have a project in which I must simulate a blog application,with users' post mangament.
These are the requirements:

A blog has a title and a collection of posts.The posts have the following information:


Each post has a code thet is generated automatically and which acts like the serial number within the speciality the post belongs to.
The speciality are:

-Information:This's a post with just text and an answer is forbiden.
-Version: It's a post of an information's version that gets updated.
-Debate: this's a post containing information and accepts one or more answers.
-Answer: It's an answer to a specific debate.

The program must support the following operations:

-Ask for User login identification(no password involved) to later use as the author of given posts.
-showing information about posts.
-create new posts.
-create new blog.
-store blog in hard drive.
-load blog.

Here are my classes:

abstract public class Post 
   private Date date;
   private String author;
   private String title;
   private String text;
   private int code;


public class Infor extends Post 
    Version ver;

public class Version extends Post 


public class Debate extends Post 
    Version ver;
    Answer ans;

public class Answer extends Post 

public class Blog
 String btitle;
 Post pst;

Does this look ok?Does it need any more specification?
Any help is very appreciated!

Author should be a class of its own, containing name, password, userid, etc. etc.
Debate should not contain an Answer, but a Collection of Answers.
A Blog with just a single Post is useless. A Blog with a Collection of Debates could get interesting.

That should give you a start :)

Well,shoudl a class for authro really necessary?It's because there won't be any password storing and any else details,just the user id which will be in concrete the name of the author that will be associated to the post.

How would it look like a "collection of" in terms of my classes?Should it be represented within the classes?

learn Java... Your last question especially shows you're not ready for a project of any size whatsoever.

I perhaps misformulated my question!
I know java has collections like lists,arrays,vectors,etc.
If I'm not mistaken,for example,I could make a vector of post objects that would be associated with the author name and a vector of debate objects associated to a vector of answer objects.
Regarding the Infor class I could make just an array of Infor objects.
Would this look ok?

it's hardly ever appropriate to use arrays, unless you can know for certainty at their creation that you will never need to change their size or when you need to pass them through for example a web service.

Vector is deprecated, use a List implementation instead (ArrayList for example).