I am a computer Science Student having knowledge of basics in C++.

I have to make a C++ project (Online airline reservation project).

Please guide me how to make such an online project in C++.

What all tools i need to use and how much time they will take.

I have time not more 2 months.

Plzzzzz help me.

Note: Please do not write something discouraging.

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It's a common assignment. How in depth are you getting here? It can be fairly trivial or a huge multi-city, multi-day, multi-airline project. You haven't given us the detail we would need to help too much. As far as tools go, depends on the operating system and again, what you want to accomplish. Are you going to use a database? If it's online and you're using C++, I guess you'll have to decide whether you want this to be a text type system or some type of HTML/GUI. That'll influence what tools you need. There are lots of free tools out there like Visual Studio Express that can accomplish what you probably want.

We're going to need more detail to help you.

I guess you are using VC++ and MSQL, just design database, put a gui for ticket reservation, cancellation. Should be an easy project assignment.

hi , i am neha pathania from pathankot , i need a c++ project on railway department .... pls help me , in jan i submit a project ... to give suggestion or u can send a project (coding )on my gmail account , as fast ...

I think ppl would be a lot more likely to help you if you showed some initiative. Propose a solution to your problem and we'll help you optimize it. To neha you found this site google it.

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