Hello friends,

I am working on my final yr
project using Java Swing. Now
for the database part can
anybody tell me which I should
use among Servlets, Oracle or JSP
or anything others. I mean which
is currently used in industry at
large. Hope to get advice.


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Oracle is used in the industry very much ... I used cloudscape in one of my database projects. ... however its your choice ... on which database manager you are prominent at and you have worked already.

i want to desktop application by using java, in my database project.please suggest me which project is suitable for me. i want to make an extra than my friends.


Java is compatible with any kind of database if you have the right JDBC driver. Here are several alternatives for you that would work just fine:

- PostgreSQL
- Access
- Oracle (you would do more than your friends, but don't know how complicated it is to install it and how much resources this is eating).

You can download and install MySQL server (this would be pretty ok

If you have JDK 6 installed (and if you haven't, do it now!) then you already have a pretty neat, useful, free, 100% supported database installed and ready to go.
JavaDB (based on Apache Darby) is part of a standard JDK6 install.
It's very unlikely that you will need anything more than this, but if you do get into distributed servers and thousands of users mySQL is a good choice, and is also free. Migration from JavaDB is trivial.
ps: JDK6 also introduced a vastly simpler SQL interface based on annotations. 99% of all the stuff you will find out on the web still refers to the previous way of doing things, so make sure you have got the latest annotation-based versions.

Just discovered that the annotation-based interface (which was in the JDK6 betas) didn't make it into the final release version. May be in JDK7, but that's not out yet. Sorry for the bad info.
However, JavaDB (Apache Derby) is in JDK6, and recommended.

H2 is another nice open source embedded database.

I used mySql before along with JSP and Java.
also, I tried Oracle with Java, I would prefer MySql thou.
anyways, anyone would work fine.

For Java Swing projects I suggest to use SQLite. Mysql for web. Everything you need is the MySQL Connector/J to start.

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