I am developing web page by JSP. I have JAVA classes and I need to implement functions to connect DB2 in JAVA classes. But, I could not connect to DB2.. When I searched I could not find any specific information about "JAVA DB2 connection string".
Appreciates any help...

You have downloaded the DB2 Driver, right? Did you actually read the documentation that came with it?

I could not find related documentation.. An recomendation for internet resources ??

Yeah, there are al sorts of links on the site where you download the Driver from, at a minimum.

Where did you download your Driver from? The vendor, I hope.

I have the CD, there are some documentation on it. But I have no time to read the 1000 pages document. Please help..

So search the document. There is a search function in it. Search for something like Creating or Establishing a connection, and the information (and usually at least one example) will jump out at you there.

My God, that nobody reads anything these days.

You could have had your info, and fixed your app already, in the day+ worth of time that you've spent on this question at this forum, by simply using the search function in the documentation that came with the Driver.

And I do mean the JDBC Driver documentation. There is no reason to read the entire DB documentation (of course), yet, at least.

If you have no time to do your own research, we have no time to help you.