I am on Linux Mint and just installed Netbeans to get started with Java programming. I got these errors while starting the IDE for the first time:



I don't know what these errors mean. When I started the IDE for the second time, I got no errors.

I was trying to write the "Hello World" program following this tutorial, but I could not start a "new project" from the file menu because they told me to Expand "General" and select "Java Application" but there's no General Category in my IDE ........WTF? :angry: Am I Cursed?:icon_neutral:

I hope someone will tell me what to do.

Thanks for the time to read this post.:icon_cheesygrin:

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well, it tells you what it thinks the problem is. You don't have a JDK installed and properly configured.

Your tutorial probably assumes an older version of Notbeans, or another IDE altogether.
You'll need to do some thinking of your own rather than mindlessly push buttons.


Go to the site of sun and download the JDK.
The installation gave you a warning probably, so that might explain why you were able to run it. You can't compile though, since there is no link to your jdk (which you need to compile and run your projects).

Hope this helps

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